Development Cooperation - AFD in Kenya

  • In Kenya, pixels are made in Africa

    Thanks to a partnership between French animation school Rubika and the Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), future international courses in digital animation and video games will open the doors to digital employment for African talent, allowing them to impose their style in a creative industry that knows no limits.

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  • AFD Digital Challenge 3rd edition: Innovation for Women in Africa

    AFD kicks off the third edition of its Digital Challenge, a competition for startups and digital innovators to promote the economic, social, cultural and political inclusion of women in Africa.

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  • In Kisumu, Lake Victoria’s water is becoming safe to drink

    Kisumu city county is Kenya’s third largest city, and its proximity to Lake Victoria does not guarantee access to clean water for its 600,000 residents. Since 2002, AFD has been supporting a comprehensive project for the management of the city’s water and sanitation services, for which a new component will be launched in 2018.

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  • When the forest watches over water

    In the middle of the desert in northern Kenya, the 16,000 hectares of the Marsabit forest are the county’s only permanent source of water. Safeguarding this treasure is essential for the entire region.

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  • Wind, Dust and School - AFD

    On the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya, the Primary schools of Kisumu city are being reborn from their ashes. This rebirth is thrilling the teachers and bringing hope to the pupils. (...)

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