Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD)

Cirad (Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement)

Cirad is a French public institution specialized in applied agricultural research in tropical regions. It operates in more than fifty countries in the fields of agronomic science, veterinary, forestry and food agriculture.

Arising from the main challenges in world agriculture, Cirad has developed six strategic areas for its research:

1. Inventecologically intensive agriculture to feed the planet

2. Examine the conditions of emergence and bioenergy recovery methods towards the Southern countries

3. Innovate to make food accessible , varied and assured

4. Anticipate and manage infectious disease risks linked to wild and domestic animals

5. Support public policies to reduce structural inequalities and poverty.

6. Better understand the relationship between agriculture and the environment, between human societies and nature for sustainable management of rural areas

CIRAD presence in Kenya

Five senior researchers and three research fellows, French or Kenyans, are stationed in Kenya, in teams belonging to the national agricultural research system, thus contributing to a vibrant partnership practice. Twenty researchers, based in France, are also involved in several projects through short-term missions.

Alongside the Regional Director, Jacques Lançon, a specialist in plant breeding, there are three specialists in plant protection, based at the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), RégisBabin and Thibaud Martin, both entomologists, and FabricePinard, pathologist, and one agronomist on perennial crops, Philippe Vaast, assigned to the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF).


Currently, research work carried out by Cirad in Kenya isfocused on agro -forestry systems (AFS4FoodouSAFSE), diseases and predators of coffee (CHIESA), on plant gardening and strategies to reduce the use of pesticides (Bionet-Agro)or on the management of sorghum genetic (ARCAD). More transversal projects are conducted to characterize the effects of conservation agriculture on food security (ABACO, CA2Africa), or studying innovation processes in agriculture(JOLISAA). In this work, they strive to integrate the three dimensions of sustainabilityieeconomic, social and environmental.

Contacts in Kenya 

C/o ICRAF - United Nations Avenue - Gigiri 

Tel: 20 7224652 


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