Alliance for Multilateralism [fr]

At a time when the multilateral order based on the respect of international law is weakened, we believe that leaders should express their support and come together to show the importance of multilateralism.

The Alliance for Multilateralism, launched on 2 April 2019 by the French and German Foreign Ministers, is an informal alliance of countries that are convinced that multilateralism founded on respect for international law is the only reliable guarantee for international stability and peace and that the challenges we are facing can only be solved through cooperation. It aims to bring together willing partners who can express themselves and take action.

The initiative is organized around three goals:

  • compensating for the insufficient involvement of States and defending fundamental standards;
  • reforming and modernizing the international institutions compared with the status quo;
  • driving strong initiatives, particularly where governance is absent or insufficient.

The Alliance attracts a growing number of participants, bringing together partners from around the world who have a common interest in a multilateral order founded on respect for international law.

The Alliance aims to take action and maximize the support for concrete thematic initiatives:

For more information, visit The Alliance for Multilateralism’s website.

Dernière modification : 02/08/2022

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