Are you a Kenyan student with a plan for the future of your country? Apply for French government scholarship today! [fr]

Once a year, the French Embassy in Kenya launches its campaign to select French government scholarships.

The 2019 campaign to select French government scholarship recipients has been launched! This year, applications for disciplines that address the challenges of the Kenyan government’s Big Four will be given priority.

Applications from the following disciplines will therefore be processed with particular attention:
1. Engineering / Technology / Civil engineering
2. Health sciences and medicine
3. Agricultural sciences / Forestry Sciences / Veterinary sciences / Agroindustry
4. Energy resources

Kenyan students willing to study their Masters or to realize a PhD in France are most welcome to apply.

The enhancement of the university and scientific cooperation between France and Kenya

The purpose of the scholarships program of the French government is to enhance the university and scientific cooperation between France and Kenya. The beneficiaries of the scholarships of the French government are excellent students in their field, following Masters programs or PhDs. The beneficiary can also be a teacher-researcher or a researcher having a position in a Kenyan university or in a Kenyan research institute.

PhD programs (only sandwich courses) are financed for annual stays of three months in France during three consecutive years, including their defense.

If you also want to apply for a scholarship, you will find below the list of documents for your application:

Required documents (check list)

-  Application Form duly filled and signed by the applicant – both soft and hard version are required
-  Applicant’s cover letter – kindly remember to link it to the “big 4” of the Kenyan government
-  Applicant’s curriculum vitae (including mobile contacts and email)
-  Copies of the academic certificates (Bachelor, Masters when fulfilled) and corresponding academic transcripts
-  Copy of the most recent and advanced diploma in French language studies (if any)
-  Recommendation letters (highly recommended)
-  Copy of applicant’s passport
-  Invitation letter or admission letter from a French University (PhD programs) and proof of the pre-subscription to a French university (Masters Program).
Please find below the documents to download and send filled and signed in both hard and soft versions:

PDF - 327.4 kb
2019 application practicalities
(PDF - 327.4 kb)
PDF - 488.5 kb
Application form 2019-20
(PDF - 488.5 kb)

Application deadline: 18th of January 2019, midnight Kenyan time.
Pre-selected applicants will be called within the month of February for a confirmation oral.

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