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Business France is the French national agency supporting the international development of the French economy.

Founded on 1st January 2015, Business France is the result of the merger between UBIFRANCE (the French Agency for international business development) and the Invest in France Agency.

Located in 62 countries, Business France employs 1 500 personnel. As part of its missions, Business France works closely with a network of public and private sector partners, in France and abroad.

In East Africa, Business France covers 6 markets: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Djibouti

Missions of Business France

Business France has 3 key missions :
- Supporting French companies to export
- Facilitating international investment in France
- Promoting the attractiveness and economic image of France, its businesses and its territories

Supporting exports in East Africa
Trade advisers from Business France inform, advise and support French companies willing to develop profitable businesses in East Africa by offering:

- Market Research
- Information on market access conditions
- Identification of business partners in East Africa (importers, distributors, agents, clients…)
- BtoB meetings
- Export events (business forums, French pavilions in exhibitions…)
- Legal and regulatory advisory
- Monitoring of international tenders
- Communication services
- Promotion of the French International Experience Volunteering Programme (V.I.E)

2019 calendar of Business France events:

PDF - 178.4 kb
2019 calendar of Business France events
(PDF - 178.4 kb)

Facilitating international investment in France from East Africa:
- In-depth business interviews with potential investors in East Africa
- Sourcing of investment projects in France tailored to the needs of the investor
- Personalized advice on investments in France:
-Type of investments: creation or expansion, industrial or technological partnership, financial investment/acquisition
-fiscal, legislative and regulatory framework
-public financing, national and regional incentives
-practical advice on locations
-cost analysis
-relationship with national and local institutions
- Accompanying investors in France

Promoting the economic image of France in East Africa:
- Communication campaigns on the image of France, its companies and its territories through networks of influencers identified in East Africa
- Deployment of promotional campaigns suc as « Créative France » and « The French Tech »


Our contacts details

- Mr. Xavier Chatte-Ruols
Regional Director for East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Sudan)
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 81
Email :

- Agrotech Department (Agriculture equipment/Agribusiness, Food products, Wines/Spirits/Beverages)

Mr. Denis Mwangi
Trade Advisor
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 86
Email :

- Tech & Services Department (Digital Technologies, Distribution, Innovative Services, Financial Services) and Lifestyle & Healthcare Department (Beauty, Health, Fashion, Luxury, Culture, Decoration, Sports, Tourism)

Ms. Marie-Gabrielle Rosenblieh-Mukuvare
Senior Trade Advisor
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 83
Email :

Ms. Joyce Bitutu
Trade Advisor
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 82
Email :

- Industries & Cleantech Department (Industries, Infrastructure, Transport, Energy, Environment)

Mr. Robert Kiarie
Senior Trade Advisor
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 84
Email :

Ms. Valérie Zongo
Trade Advisor
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 85
Email :

- Administrative Affairs + French International Experience Volunteering Program (V.I.E) + Promotion & Communication Departments

Ms. Marie-Gabrielle Rosenblieh-Mukuvare
Head of administrative affairs & International Internship Programme (V.I.E)
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 83
Email :

Ms. Joyce Bitutu
Tel : + 254 20 760 55 82
Email :

- Invest in France Department

Mr. Stéphane Lecoq
Inward Investment Director for Africa (based in Casablanca)
Tel : + 212 522 279 140
Email :


Our address in Kenya

Member of the French diplomatic services, the Business France office in Nairobi is located on the campus of the Embassy of France in Kenya.

- Physical Address: Peponi Gardens, Westlands, Nairobi
- Postal Address: P.O. Box 2213, 00606 Nairobi, Kenya
- Access map:


Opening hours

- Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, and 14:00 pm to 17:45 pm.
- Friday: 9:00 am to12:30 pm, and 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm.

For more information

- Business France’s website:

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