Centre for Teaching French and Documentation [fr]

On the initiative of Kenyatta University and with the support of the French embassy in Kenya and of the Kenyan ministry of education, a training center was set up and a first training was organized at the same time from the 20th to the 24th of August for 45 teachers of secondary.


This training center is settled in a new building of KU (Graduate School Building) close to the French department where the Francophonie University Association (AUF in French) had already set a Partner Francophone digital Campus up.
This center that enjoys a lot of furnished rooms was named CTFD (Centre for French Teaching and Documentation) according to the same structures, that already exist in Nigeria.

The implementation of trainings from CFTD will be made durable thanks to an agreement between the French embassy, the Ministry of Education in Kenya, and Kenyatta University.

To finish, this training represented an opportunity for Johann Robinet, linguistic attaché of the French embassy, to gather a great number of teachers and to give 200 books for the resources center before leaving his functions.

Training booklet

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