Developement Cooperation - the Social Fund for Development [fr]

The Social Fund for Development : 2001-2017

The French government created the Social Fund for Development (SFD) in 1993 in order to provide financial support to local communities in their development initiatives, and was first implemented in Kenya in 2001.
As a tool designed for the civil society, the SFD meets two goals: to contribute to poverty alleviation efforts, as well as to give the beneficiaries a chance to be directly involved in the development process.

Since 2001, the SFD has mobilized some 3,2 million Euros and 119 projects were supported in various sectors following the main lines of action of the Embassy : women’s rights, education, improvement of the living conditions in informal settlements, food security, IDPs livelihood, anti-FGM initiatives, uplifting of living conditions of people and children with disabilities, etc.

Although most of the projects were implemented in the counties of Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi, other regions were also represented, such as Lamu and Kakamega counties.

To date, 6 envelopes have been implemented in Kenya :
-  FSD I - 2000: 600,000 Euros - 14 projects
-  FSD II - 2002: 600,000 Euros – 16 projects
-  FSD III - 2006: 500,000 Euros - 21 projects
-  FSD IV - 2009: 500,000 Euros - 26 projects
-  FSD V - 2012: 500,000 Euros - 22 projects
-  FSD VI -2014: 500,000 Euros - 18 projects

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