Focus on the teaching assistants of English in French schools [fr]

3 alumnis du programme des assistants de langues réunis lors du 14 juillet 2021 autour d'une soirée où ils ont eu l'occasion d'offrir de beaux cadeaux kenyans à Madame l'ambassadrice Aline Kuster Ménager et Madame Mélanie Vial chargée de coopération éducative. - JPEG

This programme is based on bilateral agreements, which allows for the incoming mobility of international students in France and the outgoing mobility of young French people abroad.

The programme, funded and coordinated by the French Ministry of Education, enables 4,500 young people from 64 countries to come to France to assist language teachers in primary and secondary schools. Students stay in France for 7 months and receive a stipend from the French government.


The general objective of this programme is to enable French pupils to benefit from contact with native speakers and language assistant to gain a better knowledge of the French language and culture. The programme increases the opportunities for exposure to a living language.

As recognition of the quality of its education system, Kenya was included, in 2019, in the programme. A first cohort of 59 Kenyan French-speaking students, from all over the country, from Kisumu to Kilifi, from Nairobi to Eldoret were selected to go to France for the academic year 2019-2020. They were 70 in 2020-2021 and will be over 120 in 2021-2022. Kenya has become the first African country of origin for teaching assistants of English (and 4th rank globally).

These assistant teachers who are working all over France, allow French pupils to discover the Kenyan culture, to understand that English, like French, is a true global language.


In September 2021, two first young French teachers of French will be appointed in as assistants in Kenyan universities (University of Nairobi, Technical University of Kenya).

Do you want to improve your level of French and your knowledge of France? Meet new people? Share your culture and language with young French people? Would you like to participate in the life of a school? Become a language assistant in France!
This programme allows you to familiarise yourself with the language and culture of France while bringing the authenticity of your language and the richness of your culture to schools.

This international mobility offers you a training opportunity and the beginning of your professionalization, thus bringing an undeniable added value to your career.
Be attentive, the recruitment campaign will be published here, between September and October.

Retour d'expérience apres leur sejour en France sur les questions de genre, de culture et de sport avec son Excellence l'ambassadrice Aline KUSTER-MENAGER - JPEG

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