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WFP uses SCOPE, its digital delivery assistance platform, to provide vulnerable families with e-vouchers. Individual SCOPE cards contain information on the beneficiary household, including biometric data of up to 3 family members who can use their e-vouchers on the card at different local shops that have agreements with WFP.

Food security overview in Somalia

Early warnings in January 2017 alerted the world that Somalia could face famine, given the severe drought and dry forecasts for the coming rainy seasons. Widespread food insecurity has been driven by four consecutive poor rain seasons that have led to insufficient food production and large-scale livestock losses, both of which have left households with reduced access to food and income.
With the generous and timely contribution from France, WFP along with its partners scaled up its emergency response, providing cash-based transfers and in-kind food distributions to the most vulnerable households, and setting up nutrition treatment and prevention interventions aimed at reaching mothers and small children. The rapid response and mobilization of a broad range of humanitarian actors meant that famine was averted in Somalia in 2017.

Nevertheless, the risk of worsening acute food insecurity persists. Currently, over 3 million people are facing dangerous levels of hunger in Somalia, including 800,000 in Emergency phase (IPC4) and over 2 million in Crisis phase (IPC3). Over 1 million people have been additionally displaced as a result of drought in the last year.

France’s contribution in 2017

Through France’s contribution of EUR 1.5 million in 2017, from May to June, WFP provided e-vouchers to close to 16,000 families in Gedo region, Jubaland state.
Using their e-vouchers on their WFP digital cards, families were able to buy life-saving food at shops that have agreements with WFP, using their fingerprint (biometric data) to confirm their purchases. Use of biometric data provides assurance to donors and WFP that assistance is reaching the families intended.

Beneficiary snapshots:

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Shankaron Ali Hassa (17 years), her siblings and parents have been receiving support from WFP for 9 months through SCOPE, WFP’s digital platform for assistance delivery. They are part of a minority group, the Bantus, who have been living in Dolow for 10 years. They have relied mostly on farming for food and income, but with no farming yields in the past year, Shankaron and her family have had to rely on WFP to meet their immediate food needs.
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Women queue to receive their monthly e-vouchers on their SCOPE cards.
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Fartun Ahmed Yare is a mother of seven living in Dolow. She has been receiving assistance from WFP in the last 9 months. She used to sell vegetables her relatives would send to her from her village 25 kms away, but the ongoing drought has meant that she has not had any vegetables to sell in the last year.

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