French Government Scholarships [fr]

The French government is calling for news scholars!

If you are Kenyan and you would like to pursue a masters or a PhD degree, why not do it in France? Deadline of submission: 28th of February 2018.

Scholarships are mainly to Master and PhD student’s with excellent academic background. They can also be awarded to Kenyan staff members of of national universities and research institutes in order to strengthen institutional capacities (Staff Exchange Program).
PhDs programs are funded for three months per year, during three consecutive years.
Currently, thirty-two scholarship holders are pursuing their studies in France.

If you want to apply to be a scholar of the French government, find the guidelines below and download the application forms:

PDF - 292.7 kb
French Government Scholarships 2018 Call for Application
(PDF - 292.7 kb)
PDF - 138.1 kb
Masters Scholarships Application Form 2018
(PDF - 138.1 kb)
PDF - 88.2 kb
PhD Scholarships Application Form 2018
(PDF - 88.2 kb)
PDF - 87.8 kb
Staff Exchange Programme Application Form 2018
(PDF - 87.8 kb)

Supporting scientific projects
This programme aims at offering the French expertise on scientific research and pedagogic engineering issues. The French Embassy funds or mobilizes external resources to launch assignments composed of French experts.
The programme involves scientific or thematic workshops whose objective is to strengthen the capacities of Kenyan partners

The French Embassy wants to participate towards the institutionalization of current scientific co-operation. It fosters the establishment of memorandums of understanding between Kenyan and French research and higher education institutions, not only by funding assignments but also by providing advice and support to Kenyan institutions.

The French Embassy supports the development of an Alumni network (AFRAKEN) that brings together former and current scholarship holders as well as former Kenyan students who studied in France for their Masters and PhDs. This initiative aims at creating a social network between Kenyan scientists (sharing of experience, promotion of science in Kenya, implementation of multidisciplinary projects, participation in scientific capacity building workshops) and maintaining cordial relations with various French institutions.


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