French government scholarships 2017 call for applications

Extension of the Call for applications - The deadline has been extended to January 31st 2017.

Who Can Apply?

1. Members of staff of Kenyan Universities willing to strengthen their capacities by:

- Pursuing a Master or a PhD course in France.
- Travelling in the frame of a formalized staff exchange programme (post-doctoral studies can be included)

2. Students holding a Bachelor or Master Degree and willing to further their studies in France.

Eligibility criteria

- Kenyan citizen
- Employer’s agreement (if any)
- Financial plan indicating co-funding (self-sponsoring, study leave, other scholarship)
- For programmes taught in English language: good knowledge of French language or a letter of intent signed by the applicant’s commitment to follow French classes at Alliance Française prior to departure.
- For programmes taught in French language: a minimum level of B2 in French language is required.
- Having taken time to look for a relevant academic program and a French Host University (neither the French Embassy nor the Campus France office in Nairobi will do it for you…).

Are there some priority areas?

Applications from all academic disciplines will be considered. However, priority will be given to the topics listed below, i.e:

-  Agricultural, veterinary and forestry sciences
-  Engineering Sciences and Technologies.
-  Medicine and Health sciences
-  Energy (including oil mineral, but also solar) resources
-  Science, technology and innovation
-  Animation
-  Humanities and Social Sciences including French as French Language.

Do I have to be fluent in French language to apply?

For applicants willing to register to a class taught in French Language, a minimum level of B2 is required (for more information, contact Alliance Française of Nairobi at

French Universities offer more and more programmes taught in English, where non-French speaking students are welcome. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended that applicants learn French before their first stay, and attend more classes once they reach France. This will enable them to interact with French people, as well as discovering and understanding better the French culture and way of life.

What Does The Scholarship Offer?

The scholarship includes:
-  Round-trip airfare
-  Monthly allowances (about 767 €)

  • For Masters scholarship holders : from September 2017 up to June 2018
  • For PhD sandwich scholarship holders: 4 annual stays in France over a 3 to 4 year period from 2017, three of them of 3 months, and a fourth stay of a couple of weeks intended for the defence.
  • For Staff exchange programme: from 1 up to 3 months (between January and December 2017).
    -  Facilitation of access to affordable student housing
    -  Social and health insurance
    -  Schengen visa fees
    -  Tuition fees in French public universities
    -  French classes at Alliance Française of Nairobi prior to departure and in between the stays of the PhD (at reduced cost)
    -  Books and computer allowances.

Is It Easy to Identify a French Host Institution?

You can check out Campus France in Kenya’s website and especially the research engine “Find your Program”.
By entering some key words and the level of studies, you will be given a list of relevant programs in your field of studies.

PNG - 375.6 kb
Screenshot Campus France Kenya

Campus France-Kenya’s office is located at Alliance Française of Nairobi, and can provide you with all relevant complementary information about academic programmes offered in France at Bachelor, Masters, PhD and post-doctoral levels.

Campus France Kenya c/o Alliance Française de Nairobi, 1st floor
Loita/Monrovia street – Nairobi
+254 (0) 20 49 17 000

I have not identified any French host institution: can I send my application?

No, you must have identified at least 1 institution. 3 institutions would raise your chances of being admitted.

I have written to many French Universities but I am still waiting for a confirmation of admission: can I send my application?

Yes, it will not prevent you from being shortlisted. The scholarship will be definitely awarded to you when you will be officially admitted to the French University you applied to.

Responsibilities of the French Embassy and Campus France

The French Embassy in Kenya and the local office of Campus France in Nairobi are responsible for providing information about the selection procedure, for selecting the scholarship holders, for the booking of their international trip, and for forwarding their file to Campus France Paris.

Campus France Paris is in charge of welcoming the grantees, disbursing the monthly allowances at their arrival, booking their accommodation and paying the different services they have access to (health and social insurance, book allowance, computer allowance, French classes).


Applicants must prepare their applications including the following documents:

Required documents:
- Application Form duly filled and signed by the applicant
- Applicant’s cover letter
- Applicant’s curriculum vitae (including mobile contacts and email)
- Copies of academic certificates (KCSE or equivalent, Bachelor, Masters)
- Academic transcripts
- Copy of the most recent and advanced diploma in French language studies (if any)
- Authorization of study leave from the employer (if any)
- Recommendation letters (if any)
- Copy of applicant’s passport
- Invitation letter or admission letter from a French University or copy of the ongoing exchange of emails.
- For PhD scholarship’s applicants: work plan from September 2017 up to August 2021.
- For staff exchanges programme’s applicants: copy of the MoU signed between the Kenyan and the French Institutions.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Download the scholarships application documents

Download application form for PhD program scholarship here
Download application form for Masters degree scholarship here
Download application form for Staff exchange program here

Deadline for submission

Both soft and hard copies of the application must be submitted before Tuesday 31st January 2017 at 1 : 00 p.m. to the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Department of the Embassy of France in Nairobi:

The Co-operation Attaché for Higher Education and Research
French Embassy to Kenya
Barclays Plaza 15th floor, Loita Street, Nairobi
PO Box 41 784 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Assessment procedure

Applications will be assessed by a French-Kenyan scientific committee on the following criteria:
- Excellence of the applicant’s profile
- Priority areas

Candidates will be informed of the decision concerning their application before the end of February 2016. The scholarship will be officially attributed after the admission of the candidate at the selected French university will be confirmed.

For further enquiries, please contact

Download the accessible version (PDF - 379.2 kb)

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