French humanitarian support to Somalia (2017-2020) [fr]

France is a long-time development partner of Somalia, where it has been active through its contribution to the European Union, the United Nations and other multilateral institutions and funds such as Unitaid, GAVI or the Global Fund for health (5bn€ of financial support since its creation), the Global Partnership for Education (200M€ for 2018-2020) or the Green Fund for Climate (1,5bn€ for 2019-2023).

France is also a major and regular contributor to the International Development Association, the World Bank branch helping the world’s poorest countries. Its work has been increasingly focused on fragile and post-conflict states, with +30% of its funds going to these countries since the last IDA replenishment meeting in December 2019. France’s contribution to IDA19 amounts to 1,4bn€, which makes it the 5th contributor. France also contributes to the African Development Bank’s African Development Fund, with 504M€ for its 15th replenishment.

France has recently been mobilized, in coordination with the European Union and the African Union, in supporting Somalia’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19. The EU has earmarked 27M€ in response to the epidemics in Somalia, including 15M€ in direct budget support to the Somali Government.

French bilateral support to Somalia amounts to 10M€ since 2017, on an upward trend. This trend results from the priority given by President Emmanuel Macron to Africa and post-crisis countries. French development aid, already 5th in the world, is bound to reach 0,55% of its GDP in 2022. This effort includes a substantial increase in French humanitarian support, which will benefit the Somali population.

French humanitarian action in Somalia focuses on food security, but also on refugees and internally displaced populations (IDP) 1. In 2020, France made a special effort in support of Somalia, in order to tackle a triple humanitarian crisis, through:
-  Increasing food security, improving nutrition and building resilience in Somalia” program, implemented by FAO, supporting agricultural production in Bay region for over 13.200 beneficiaries and promoting domestic consumption of fish – 750,000€;
-  “Emergency livelihoods assistance to vulnerable households affected by desert locust in Somalia” program, implemented by FAO, benefitting 8000 people in northern and central Somalia – 1M€;
-  “Providing Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to food insecure households in Somalia”, implemented by French NGOs ACTED, ACF and SIF, bringing emergency relief to people most affected by natural hazard all over Somalia – 500,000€;
-  “Emergency COVID-19 response in Kismayo” implemented by Secours Islamique France – 260,000€.

France is maintaining this effort to support Somalia in 2021, by financing the program "Improving food security and restoring food autonomy and the resilience of vulnerable populations through regenerative agriculture", implemented by the COFRAU consortium (ACTED, ACF and SIF )- 1MEUR in favor of 5,400 households, or more than 33,000 people, in Jubaland, in the South-West State and in Somaliland.

This program will meet the immediate needs of vulnerable households, while acting in the long term to implement sustainable agricultural practices; it will train farmers in environmentally friendly techniques, build and rehabilitate water management systems, provide inputs, livestock and tools to farmers.

France is aiming its humanitarian and development assistance toward building resilience and autonomy, providing the Somali people with means to reach food autonomy and to break the cycle of dependence to aid. Our country pursues geographical balance in its interventions, with a view to reach all parts of the territory, depending on the needs and crises.

Our support to Somalia prioritizes a multilateral approach. This is reflected by the extent of our cooperation within the United Nations and European Union 2 frameworks, but also by our commitment to a transparent and coordinated bilateral aid.

France is also committed to respecting the sovereignty of its partners and operates in full coordination with the Somali government, by contributing to international coordination mechanisms with full transparency.

1. 1.3M€ in favor of the UNHCR activities in Somalia since 2018
2. 600M€ in development aid for 2014-2020 and 320M€ in humanitarian aid for 2017-2020

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