Informal Settlements Improvement Project

The Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project (KISIP) has taken another step, as the French Development Agency (AFD) made its first disbursement to the project amounting to USD 6.7 million at the end of October 2017.

AFD is co-financing the KISIP through a concessional loan of 35 million EUR. The project is targeting selected urban areas in Kenya and is being implemented by the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development.
Photo credits: James Keogh (AFD) - JPEG
The project aims to achieve the following:

• Improve access to water following investments in water infrastructure;
• Improve drainage infrastructure and thus improve the environment (less pollution, less flooding)
• Reduce morbidity (cholera, malaria, typhoid) owing to better conditions of living in informal settlements;
• Improve security due to investments in public lighting;
• Enhance security of tenure for residents of informal settlements due to issuance of title deeds ;
• Improve access / mobility in informal settlements following road improvements.

The project is currently ongoing and works have commenced in various informal settlements around Kenya including Nairobi, Nakuru, and Mombasa, with completion expected in 2018.

Other donors financing the project are World Bank (100M USD), SIDA (10M USD), and there is counterpart financing from the Government of Kenya (10M USD), bringing the overall project financing to approximately 165M USD (17.3 Billion KES).

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