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The first edition of IFC Kenya 2017 aimed to sensitize the Kenyan public, the kenyan authorities and the main players in the East African audiovisual and film industry on the importance and urgency of taking concrete measures to support and encourage content production and thus develop and increase the export of these programmes internationally, drawing inspiration from the French "model" within IFC Kenya 2017.
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Based on the observation that little support is given to the independent production sector by the public authorities and their various representations, but also by public and private television channels, the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs department of the French Embassy in Kenya took the initiative in June 2017 to propose the holding of a Convention aimed at contributing to the development of the audiovisual and film industry in Kenya and East Africa in general.
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A partnership was thus set up to entrust the organization of this event to the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), a Kenyan public body under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts, which is responsible for regulating the distribution of films on all Kenyan media.
The European Union Delegation in Kenya and the UNESCO Regional Office for East Africa were approached and confirmed their willingness to become partners alongside KFCB and the French Embassy.
The event entitled the International Film Convention Kenya 2017 (IFC - Kenya 2017) was therefore held from 15 to 17 November 2017, and hosted a French delegation made up of Mrs. Isabelle Mariani, Head of mission at the European and international affairs department and also Senior audiovisual advisor, Mr. Aurélien Palix, in charge of broadcasting outside the Ministry of Culture, and finally Mr. Julien Ezanno, Bilateral Affairs Adviser at the National Center of Cinema and Animation. During the 3 days they engaged participants, outlining their various mandates within the mechanisms and laws that govern the media sector in France and whose vocation is to support the production of content by promoting cultural diversity.
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In order to discuss exhaustively with the French delegation, we had gathered an audience of about 150 people whose respective functions made it possible to hope that measures would be put in place in the short and medium term to structure the sector in East Africa, knowing that the situation is about the same for each of the countries in the zone where the lack of support is evident.
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The IFC Kenya benefited from the presence of various officials, Cabinet Secretary and Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Arts Sports, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of the East African Community, County Governors, representatives of the main public institutions responsible for overseeing the sector, including the CAK "Communication Authority of Kenya" and "Kenya Copyright Board", associations and guilds of professionals, among which: IFC Kenya, not to mention the presence of representatives from Tanzania (thanks to the support of the French Embassy in Dar es Salaam), Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the USA.
Several resolutions (see Annex 1) have been adopted on the many themes and issues that were raised, and committees will be set up to follow up on short-term measures.
The delegates representing the CNC, CSA and the French Ministry of Culture will write a report on their respective intervention and perception in the coming days.
This event achieved its objective, since it took place in East Africa in Nairobi and not in France, and by its scale, brought together all the local actors in the audiovisual and film sector around the same theme: "Taking the audiovisual and film industry in East Africa to the next level".
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