Learning French has become easier in Mombasa! [fr]

In January 2017, the French Embassy in Kenya and the Alliance française in Mombasa signed cooperation agreements with six prestigious schools based in Mombasa. The aim is to create reinforced French language curricula.


The tripartite agreements consist in setting up reinforced French language curricula, as well as French clubs, in every signatory school. This will facilitate the student’s access to the French universities.

The six signatories are:

1. Aga Khan Academy

2. Braeburn Academy

3. Mombasa Academy

4. Oshwal Academy

5. Light Academy

6. Shree Shwaminarayan

This network of pilot schools was initiated by the French Embassy in Kenya, and completes the one already formed by twelve pilot schools in Nairobi, since April 2016.

Dernière modification : 19/01/2017

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