The Diplomatic Chancery [fr]

Located at the heart of the Embassy, it is staffed with Diplomats who handle issues of political nature.

Its three main responsibilities are:
- To inform the French Government in Paris about Kenya’s political situation. To study the internal and external policies of Kenya by having regular contacts with Kenyan political players, organizations such as the press, NGOs, clergy etc...

- To keep the Kenyan Authorities informed of the positions of the French Government. It organizes and accompanies the visit of French personalities : Ministers, members of Parliament...

- To help the Ambassador in coordinating the various services. The Diplomatic Chancery in Nairobi has two peculiarities :

One of the four headquarters of the United Nations is in Nairobi (the other ones are in Geneva, Vienna and New-York) which means that the French Ambassador is also the French Permanent Representative to the United Nations office in Nairobi. This plurality of functions is unique in the world ; in the other headquarters, the Permanent Representative works full time to accomplish those functions. To assist him in carrying out his duties, the Ambassador works in close collaboration with the Deputy Permanent Representative, who is the Political Counselor in the Diplomatic Chancery.

Because of the political situation in Somalia which does not allow to have a Diplomatic Representation in Mogadishu, it’s the Diplomatic Chancery in Nairobi that is in charge of Somali affairs. It keeps in constant contact with the Somali Diaspora and (when the security situation allows it), carry out missions inside the country. The First Secretary is in charge of these matters.

The Diplomatic Chancery also has a Press Service which makes a weekly review of the press for the various departments of the Embassy as well as headquarters in Paris. The Press Service is also in charge of communication events for the Embassy. It updates the website whenever needed and is responsible for managing the social media accounts of the Embassy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


Ambassador and Permanent Representative to UNON : Mrs. Aline Kuster-Ménager

Deputy Ambassador and First Counselor: Mrs. Kim Ramoneda

Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations: Mrs. Estelle Halimi

Second Counselor: Mr. Emmanuel Dagron

Press and Communication Officer : Mr. Larry Asego

Press Counselor: Mr. Gilbert Nyang’or

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