Press and Communications Service [fr]

The press service has several functions:

  • Analyze and report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on information and comments disseminated in the Kenyan media.
  • Inform Kenyan press professionals about the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more generally of France. As a result, he is the privileged interlocutor of the Kenyan media.
  • Implementing the Embassy’s communication strategy: its mission is to publicize the policy of France in Kenya, by relaying to the media the actions carried out by the Embassy’s services: civil and military cooperation, development aid, humanitarian aid, French presence (human, economic and cultural) etc....
  • Answer questions from the Kenyan public and journalists. Make available to them, in particular through the Embassy’s website and social networks, the main information on French diplomacy and the foreign policy statements of the main French political leaders.
  • To make France better known in its most diverse aspects (institutional, social, economic, cultural, etc...). To this end, it responds to requests for information addressed to it, facilitating contacts between journalists on the spot and the Embassy’s services, but also with the services in France.

Contact Information
Head of Press and Communications Office:
Mr. Larry Asego
Tel: (+254)20 760 55 22

Press Secretary:
Mr. Gilbert Nyangor
Tel: (+254)20 760 55 23

Dernière modification : 12/01/2018

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