Solar Plant Project at K.U [fr]

Kenyatta University now has 50,000 students and occupies a 400-hectare site near Nairobi, as well as several sites throughout the country. In 2010, the university adopted a ten-year strategic plan based on the development of training and research programmes of excellence, particularly in renewable energies, and providing for the construction of new infrastructures (buildings, industrial parks, power plant, university hospital under construction).

France has financed a 100kW photovoltaic demonstrator project on the university campus - inaugurated on December 4,2017 by french Minister Nicolas Hulot - and the feasibility study for a 10MW power plant in a second phase. The project aims to help the university cope with the increase in its energy consumption and bill, using the self-consumption allowed by Kenya’s regulatory framework.

The project also aims to support the university’s ambitions in setting up technical vocational training courses in the field of solar energy, in particular by defining curricula adapted to the needs of the sector and by developing the demonstrator that will be used as part of the training.

A collaboration between the University and CEA-LITEN is also envisaged to open collaborations in research on solar photovoltaic technologies.

Dernière modification : 12/01/2018

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