TCD Siroco, under Operation EUNAVFOR Atalanta, disembarked two armored vehicles in Mombasa in favor of EUCAP Nestor.

On 11 January 2014, the Sirocco Landing Craft, flagship of the European Naval Force ATALANTA, disembarked in Mombasa port two armored cars belonging to the European Union mission mandated to strengthen regional maritime capabilities in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean (EUCAP Nestor).

This successful operation, with the support of the Embassy of France in Nairobi and the cooperation of the Kenyan security forces present in the port of Mombasa, demonstrates the close collaboration between the various missions of the European Union in the Horn of Africa and the western Indian ocean, in a process of joint and complementary effects.

For the record, these two vehicles had been shipped at the request EUCAP Nestor aboard the Sirocco during a visit to Djibouti last December on the 14th, on the eve of a joint Action EUCAP Nestor - ATALANTA off the city of Berbera which allowed the meeting with a delegation of senior officials of Somaliland aboard the TCD.

Following this operation, the commander of the Task Force 465, the Rear Admiral, Hervé Bléjean declared: "This delivery of vehicles for the benefit of EUCAP Nestor is the perfect example of the dynamics of cooperation daily reinforced between different European Union missions throughout the East African coast. The ATALANTA Force takes its role in supporting the overall approach of the European Union in this region".


EUCAP Nestor is a civilian mission, based in Djibouti, that supports the development of regional maritime capacities in the countries of the Horn of Africa and the Western Indian Ocean. The mission works to strengthen the capacity of States in the region for effective control of their territorial waters.

ATALANTA EU Naval force´s mission is to escort ships to Somalia for the World Food Program and AMISOM (the African Union force), to participate in the safety of maritime traffic in the Gulf Aden and fishing vessels in the South East of Somalia and also to deter, prevent and repress acts of piracy.

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