The Consulate [fr]

The Ambassador has the functions of a registrar within the consular district of Kenya, as would the mayor of a French municipality.

The consular section of the Embassy has been keeping records of the Civil Status since 1935.

Role of the consular section of the Embassy

The consular section of the Embassy administers the French community according to the French applicable law and regulations. It ensures protection of French nationals vis à vis the Foreign authority.
It directly establishes Civil status records for any change of situation happening in Kenya (acknowledgement, birth, marriage, decease), if at least one French citizen is a party. In case of a civil status record established by a local authority, the consular section can transcribe its content on the consular records, on request, and issue the copies of this transcription to you.

Main responsibilities :
- registration with the Register of French citizens residing outside France for the french nationals within its district;
- keeping record of the consular Civil Status : the Ambassador is the registrar and the Vice Consul is the deputy registrar;
- consular notariat (procuration, marriage settlement) ;
- military matters (census and organisation of the Day of call for preparation for defence) ;
- issuing of travel documents or national identity card;
- consular protection in case of arrest, incarceration, severe accident or decease;
- organizing elections ;
- organizing of the local scholarships commission and of the consular committee for the protection of social welfare.

The Vice Consul is also the administrator and controller of the joint management service (drawing up of the budget of the Embassy, expenditure tracking, management of the local contract agents...).

Composition of the team

The consular section is composed of French and Kenyan agents based in Nairobi and one honorary Consul, based in Mombasa.

Vice-Consul: Mrs. Isabelle GOZALBO-MEZGUELDI

Assistant: Mr. Anthony GATHIGE

Honorary Consul: Mr. Muhammed RAMAZANI

Head of the Visa section: Mr. Nicolas BERTON

Visas/immigration agent: Mrs. Purity REMY

French nationals administration: Mrs. Batoul ZAVERY

Accountancy: Mr. Alain GRAJCAR - Mr. Davy RYFER - Mrs. Valérie HORVAIS

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