The Permanent Committee for Francophonie is recruiting its new executive committee [fr]

The CPF is a non-lucrative association that aims to promote the French language and the Francophone cultures. Led by people from embassies members of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF), the CPF organizes different events during the year, in particular the Francophonie Bal and the Day of Francophonie (more than 4000 people in 2018).

The funds raised by those events are aimed towards development projects: French lessons for children from the slum, numeric resources for a school of refugees, building a classroom for the refugees of Kakuma, and French lessons for the children of St-Charles. More information here.

Thus, being part of the CPF means:

Turn educational projects into a reality,
Participate in multi cultural events,
Work on project management,
Meet people from different global backgroud,
Works side by side with members of other diplomatic organizations and with members of Francophone companies

As some of our members are leaving, the CPF needs a new committee:

• If you are Francophone,
• If you like team work and want to dedicate some time to meaningful projects,
• If you have expertise in communication, management, project management etc. or if you simply have a special interest for educatiopnal projects, feel free to apply!

Applying is very simple! Send us a presentation of yourself and of the role you would like to play within the Committee. It should be emphasized that the committee also runs thanks to the good will of our volunteers who will help you in your project management .

We will have an interview with you to determine which role would suit you best.

If you are interested, please contact us before the 17th June 2018.

Contacts : Nadine De Smedt, soon to be ex-vice-president of the CPF :, Johann Robinet, soon to be ex-vice-president by interim of the CPF : and Pauline Moutaux, project officer for education at the French embassy and member of the CPF :

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