The twinning project between schools from La Réunion island and from Kenya [fr]

The DAREIC (Délégation académique aux relations européennes et internationales et à la coopération) from La Réunion opened an online platform so that schools from Kenya that teach French can interact towards pedagogical and linguistic projects with schools from La Réunion whom they could be twinned to.


The interactions can be done by mail, online, turn into school trips or even come to life through any project created by the teachers from both countries! The schools willing to be part of the project will be free to choose the format of their twinning, which will enable students from La Réunion island to get better in English and students from Kenya to get better in French. A wide number of teachers from La Réunion have already suggested a lot of projects (theater, intercultural studies, writing workshops, ecological projects…)
Any teacher interested in the program is invited to subscribe clicking on the following link:

Dernière modification : 07/06/2019

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