Two Weeks of La Francophonie


The Quinzaine de la Francophonie, refers to two week of events that promote the French language and the Francophone cultures around the world.
The Francophonie is about to start !!
From the 11th to the 28th of March, come enjoy pétanque tournaments, concerts, movie screenings and much more !

And ofcourse, these events will culminate in the Francophonie Day on the 25th at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. All are welcome.
Each year, more than 4 500 people attend the Francophonie Day, a day full of games, exhibitions, shows and so much more. This Day is dedicated to the Francophonie events, and if you’re interested in getting an exhibition stand feel free to get in touch.

Via our Facebook page : Francophonie au Kenya

For more information, please consult our press kit :

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(PDF - 1.4 Mb)


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