Call for participation to Good France/Goût de France 2019 edition. [fr]

The fifth edition of Goût de France / Good France is fast approaching and we would love it if you could be part of it. The 2019 theme will focus on sustainable development through responsible gastronomy and the commitment of chefs to the preservation of the planet. With this in mind, Goût de / Good France supports the “No More Plastic” initiative that promotes socially responsible cuisine focusing on environmental protection.


Do you wish to be part of the over 5 000 chefs on all five continents that are expected to join in this prestigious event? Do you want to be involved as one of the participating restaurants? Do not be left out, bring out your culinary prowess by registering through

In 2019, we offer you a flexibility in the choice of the evening that you wish to schedule between Monday March 18th to Sunday March 24th. So all over the world on 21st March 2019 you will find initiatives and experiences to be shared and enjoyed.

During this year’s edition, Provence will be the foremost destination for gastronomy and as such will be promoted at Goût de / Good France events both in France and internationally. For the first time, the Bouches-du-Rhône department and Provence Tourisme are launching Marseille Provence Gastronomie 2019 (MPG2019), a year of gastronomy in Provence under the patronage of renowned French chef Gérald Passedat. It will be a year of celebrations, meetings between chefs, gourmet markets, picnics, urban vegetable gardens and more — a genuine gastronomic journey through Provence!

A French tourist destination will also be in the spotlight throughout the promotional campaign: Provence. Rich with a strong gastronomic news, Provence wished to be the main partner of the operation and to launch, on the occasion of Goût de France, the year Marseille Provence Gastronomie.

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