Message from the Consulate to the French Community [fr]

Due to constraints related to the Coronavirus crisis, the Consulate and visa services are closed to the public. Only emergencies will be treated.

If you need to return to France and no longer have a valid travel document, you should contact the embassy to request a pass valid only for the return to France.

Ø Requests must be sent by e-mail exclusively to the following address:, specifying your first and last name and telephone number.

Ø A laissez-passer cannot be issued immediately: the embassy will first have to carry out checks on your nationality and identity

If you are not registered in the Register of French Nationals Abroad, you can do so on the Internet ( If this does not work, you can also register on Ariane (, a portal normally dedicated to French people on transit.

For visa applicants :

The only visas that can be processed are visas for families of French nationals (who must return to France).

Ø You must contact the embassy by email exclusively at the following address: specifying your name, first name and telephone number.

Dernière modification : 03/04/2020

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